Protect your marble with RAKU

The innovative anti-acid product able to protect your marble from acid stains

It takes just a moment to damage a surface in marble or  terrazzo: acid and alkaline substances like lemon, tomato, juices, wine, soap or perfume can permanently damage your surfaces at a quick, simple contact.

RAKU is the one-component anti-acid protection that will protect your surfaces in marble and agglomerate marble/concrete  from the potential stains of acid substances. It also ensures a whole protection against the most frequent ones like water, oil, coffee. 

RAKU doesn’t change the aspect of your surface and it doesn’t turn into yellow.
On smoothed or brushed surfaces it may enhance the original colour while giving a pleasant brightness.
It is highly resistant to acid aggressions, so it is particularly suitable for the treatment of counter tops, bathroom tops, furnishing and bar counters.

It is strongly resistant to UV and high temperatures, keeping the surface characteristics unchanged over time. 

RAKU is an innovative product ideal for new surfaces as well as already installed ones.
It represents the perfect solution that will allow you to safely use your marble, keeping the natural and original features alive over time.

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