Highly alkaline detergent specifically developed to remove dirt caused by smog on surfaces in marble, stone, granite, stoneware, bricks..

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Highly alkaline detergent specifically developed to remove smog¬† dirt on marble, stone, granite, stoneware, bricks…

Moist the surface to clean. Apply GELWASH with a brush, let it work 1 hour at least and plentifully rinse with water jet or, if possible, with water-jet machine. Repeat the operation on particulalry dirty areas.

4-5 MQ/KG

Corrosive. Harmful if swallowed. Eyes and skin irritating. Keep far from the reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke during use. Well wash hands after use. Avoid the contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact immediately wash under running water. Wear suitable protective clothes, rubber mask and gloves. In case of ingestion immediately call the doctor and show the label.
Contains sodium hydroxide:  max 25%.

1 kg bottle (12 pcs/box).
5 kg. tanks (4 pcs/box).


Stain removers.

The right remedy to remove any type of stains.


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