Upkeeping wax for wooden surfaces to which confers a satined finishing.

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High quality mix of waxes and resins specifically developed for the upkeep of wooden surfaces. It gives a pleasant satin aspect and protection. Water-based product.

Dilute 01 glass of product in 4/5 lt of water and apply a thin coat using a non-fibrous cloth. Let it dry.
In case a shiner aspectt is needed, wipe with a dry, soft and clean cloth once totally dry.

45-50 MQ/LT

Keep far from the reach of children. Well wash hands after use.Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of concat rinse with clean water. Dispose according to local regulation.

1 lt bottle (12 pcs/box)
5 lt tanks (4 pcs/box)

Daily Cleaning.

A proper maintenance ensures a long-lasting treatment.


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